Operations Expansion Phase II

October 27, 2020


PharmaLink’s series of expansion initiatives have continued to progress since the launch in March 2020. Phase I was comprised of moving the designated operations and administrative functions to a new area. Once that move was completed, space became available to begin planning and implementing Phase II. Our Phase II goals include the implementation of new automation infrastructure which will allow for further innovation of our current service offerings. We have also updated our facility layout to establish better process efficiencies, increasing our ability to meet and exceed customers’ demands.

To reduce touches during the material handling process and increase processing speed, we are installing a new automated sortation system. This system will not only reduce the possibility for error, but also increase processing potential by 40%. This benefits not only our current customers, but also allows us the opportunity to add more customers and serve them at the same level of excellence. Gil Kanner, Vice President of Operations, says “this system assures [the] accuracy of sortation of returns to manufacturers”. This new system has the added benefit of future integrations, so we can expand this automation across our entire facility.

This sortation is only one example of how PharmaLink continues to innovate our processes and practices. Innovation is our way of providing better solutions in order to meet and exceed customer expectations. We not only aim to exceed expectations; we strive to create value by addressing specific challenges our customers’ encounter. For our current expansion project, that means that we are working to handle returns more accurately, in less time, and at a higher level of quality.

Part of our efforts to create additional value to our current services during this expansion is our new facility layout. Departments evaluated their current processes, and, as the new space became available, updated their work areas to better meet their needs. These updates will increase productivity and increase our efficiency company-wide. One specific process update that we are working to implement is the addition of a flexible processing line. This line will be located next to the new sortation system, decreasing material handling time and increasing processing speeds.

In keeping in line with PharmaLink’s core principles, revised Standard Operations Procedures (SOPs) and process audits are occurring simultaneously to ensure our quality standards are being upheld throughout this next phase. Kanner, in explaining the importance of quality to him and his team, said that “our mantra for 2021 is quality beyond expectations.”

For more information on our Phase I expansion, learn more in our Press Release PharmaLink Announces Facility Expansion to Accommodate Growth.

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