Ensuring compliance and maximum credit recovery for your return.

Independent Pharmacy

Our personalized boutique services for independent pharmacies are performed by our specially trained employees who ensure compliance and maximum credit recovery for your return. Our advanced reporting management platform, Encore®, brings a new level of transparency from a reporting perspective that delivers your return inventory status and credit report in real-time. Whether you choose to have us service your independent pharmacy on-site, or mail-in your returns for processing, you will receive quality service, expertise and commitment to excellence from PharmaLink.

340B Pharmacy

PharmaLink understands the importance of compliance and record keeping for 340B Program pharmacies. As the only 340B certified sales staff in the pharmaceutical return service industry, we have developed the first return processing system to specifically address the audit guidelines of the HRSA 340B Program. Our customer portal, Encore®, allows your 340B facility to easily review your return inventory history, ensuring you receive the maximum credit possible on your returns.Whether you are a mixed use facility, contract pharmacy, or any covered entity, our returns program ensures pricing compliance and mitigates the risk of audit findings in inventory.

Chain Pharmacy

Our return and disposal services for chain pharmacies are tailored by our specially trained employees to meet the needs of all your pharmacy locations. Our holistic approach delivers custom solutions to ensure maximum return credits and regulatory compliance. With our web-based reporting platform, Encore®, we provide you an analysis of your returned pharmaceuticals across all locations to help you make better financial business decisions for your pharmacies. With both mail-in and on-site return services, we offer maximum credit with every return, personalized customer service, guaranteed compliance and advanced customized reports.

Specialty Pharmacy

Our holistic approach for specialty pharmacies results in tailored custom solutions to ensure maximum credit recovery for high valued pharmaceuticals. We offer both on-site and mail-in service nationwide using an SOP driven process developed specifically to fit the needs of your specialty pharmacy. With access to our web-based reporting platform, Encore®, we provide you detailed reports from your return in real-time to help make a better impact on your business decisions. Whether you want to safely remove expired, damaged, or unwanted specialty pharmaceuticals, PharmaLink provides quality service, expertise and commitment to excellence.

Unparalleled Customer Service

A PharmaLink representative is with you every step of the way. Before, during, and after the service, your dedicated account manager is just a phone call away.

Maximum Credit Recovery

We provide you a complete reconciliation of all return credits and ensure that the maximum return value has been received.

Licensed & Compliant

As a VAWD Accredited facility, we are held to the highest standards of compliance and security. PharmaLink is a partner you can trust with your most sensitive products.


Reporting & Analytics

Our web-based reporting tool gives you easy access to all pharmacy return details and credit progress.

Process Controls

We process schedule II-V controlled substances and complete DEA Form 222 for you.

Disposal Services

Waste management services for proper classification, handling and disposal of pharmaceutical waste.

"Since September of 2019, we have sent at least five shipments and have already received several checks too. To top it off, our representative is amazing! It is so easy to work with her. She handles anything we throw at her, even at the last minute. It does not matter if we have several boxes or more than a pallet of product, she handles it with a smile. She is always responsive and takes her time to clearly answer any questions."

Julie Luce
DVMed Supply

“We have used multiple other reverse distributors but PharmaLink is a step above the rest. From how quickly they come and process our damaged or expired goods and getting them out the door to following up and keeping tabs on our account making sure the refund process is going smoothly. Our Returns Consultant is with us along every step of the way. Educating us on the process and answering any questions that come up.”

Anthony Dovidio
Salus Medical

"My experience in dealing with our Returns Consultant at PharmaLink has been extraordinary. From the first meeting she has been very informative, always responds to my emails in a timely manner, she’s always smiling and a pleasure to work with. Our Returns Consultant is great about checking in with me, making sure I don’t need anything before she’s scheduled to come to our facility. When she is here, her work is very efficient and organized; she works hard to try and get us every bit of credit possible. I would recommend our Returns Consultant to anyone who is in need of the services PharmaLink provides."

Brandy Berryhill
QLTC Pharmacy Solutions, LLC

“Our Returns Consultant has done a great job in building a good and strong relationship with this pharmacy and its team. She is very friendly and social and has gotten to know each and every team member. Her presence brings warmth, energy and is very open to discussions while at the same time keeping her focus on completing her job. As the manager of the pharmacy, I have enjoyed this positive relationship and can count on her to conduct timely pickups and get answers to any questions that I have. She responds to my messages very promptly and proactively schedules visits. For the team, she bought them lunch and that was greatly appreciated. She interacts with everyone very well while making sure that she is not in the way of workflow. Overall, we are very happy with the service she provides and thank her for her hard work. “

Gopal Pillai
AHF Pharmacy

“I'm always a little skeptical of sales people, but after meeting our Returns Consultant and witnessing his work ethics, we have only used PharmaLink. He is honest, kind, accurate and cares about meeting the customer needs. He has always been able to help me with short requested pickups and has always gotten back with me anytime I've had a question on a return or reports. I will continue to use PharmaLink and recommend them to any pharmacy that asks me who we use while he is your representative.”

Eric Ellis
Centre Pharmacy

“Our Returns Consultant at PharmaLink has gone above and beyond with her customer service and overall assistance in our pharmacy needs. She comes in ready to work and always has a plan of action to not only execute the plan of the day but future endeavors as well. I feel 100% satisfied in her abilities and look forward in our future dealings as well. “

Matt Derryberry
Acute Care Pharmaceuticals

“Our Returns Consultant is always responsive to communication and flexible to our schedule. During the pandemic there were a few instances where we had to request schedule changes last minute and she was very receptive, catering to our needs. She is very efficient with her services and there is minimal disruption to the pharmacy operations. If there are any issues such as delayed UPS pick ups, she always follows through to make sure we are taken care of. She is a delight to work with!"

Rachel Pena
AHF Pharmacy

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Service Options

Mail-In Returns Servicing

Depending on your returns needs, on-site servicing may not be your best option. Product return volume or frequency can determine if PharmaLink’s mail-in program is right for you. Our main-in program offers you the power of our web-based portal, Encore®, that provides a simple, streamlined way to return our expired pharmaceuticals. A PharmaLink representative can help determine if mail-in serving program option is right for you.

  • Web-Based inventory creation and reporting application
  • Shipping of products to processing center.
  • Online preparation of DEA 222 form requests.
  • Processing of returnable products and recall items.
  • Return authorization management.
  • Disposal of non-returnable products via incineration.
  • Detailed processing reports and analytics via web-portal.
  • Credit reporting and reconciliation.

On-Site Servicing

High-volume pharmacies or limited in-house resources often make PharmaLink’s on-site serving the best option for your return’s processing needs. PharmaLink returns representatives are available across the U.S. to come to your location to perform detailed product inventories and arrange for free shipping of product back to our returns facility. From sweeping your shelves of obsolete inventory to creating customized reports and other customized service needs, PharmaLink is able to provide you a deeper level of service involvement should you require it.

  • Complete inventory of all products removed and returned.
  • Shipping of products to processing facility
  • Preparation of DEA 222 form requests.
    Processing of returnable products and recall items.
  • Return authorization management.
  • Disposal of non-returnable products via incineration.
  • Detailed processing reports and analytics via web-portal.
  • Credit reporting and reconciliation.

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“Until I learned about Encore, I didn’t realize what returns reporting information I wasn’t getting with my previous provider. It’s simple, clear and really helps me run my pharmacy better”

- PharmaLink returns customer

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