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How do I send a mail-in return to PharmaLink?

Ensure that products are inventoried using our online platform Encore®.

Include a copy of your inventory in the shipment.

Put product in a sturdy, corrugated cardboard box.

Note: Make sure all caps and lids are tightly secured.

*All liquid and glass containers must be properly wrapped to prevent breakage or leaking during shipping. DOT and FAA may inspect and cite violations for improperly shipping product.

You can also watch this video to learn how the mail-in return process works.

Does PharmaLink handle controlled substances?

Yes. PharmaLink is licensed with the Drug Enforcement Administration to handle returns and disposal logistics for schedule II-V controlled pharmaceuticals.

How do I send PharmaLink controlled substances?

When returning controlled substances, create a separate C2 inventory in Encore®. Be sure to count each tab or pill and/or accurately measure liquids to the exact amount.

Once you submit your return, PharmaLink will mail you a C2 Kit which contains your DEA Form 222 and return shipping label. The C2 Kit should arrive within 10-14 business days.

Make sure to package product appropriately – glass wrapped in bubble wrap, liquids packed in bags, extra space taken up by packaging material – and that a copy of your inventory and copy of your DEA Form 222 is included.

Schedule UPS pick-up of your package, or drop it off at a UPS location near you.

Do not ship non-C2 pharmaceuticals in the same box as your C2 pharmaceuticals.

Does PharmaLink accept hazardous materials?

No PharmaLink does not accept or dispose any hazardous materials. These include sharp collectors, lab specimens, or any bio-hazardous material.

May I ship schedule II-V pharmaceuticals or compounds to PharmaLink that do not have NDC numbers?

No, all products must have an NDC number.

Can I modify information on the DEA 222 form that PharmaLink sends me?

No. If any changes are needed, please contact PharmaLink and a new DEA 222 form will be issued. Call (800) 257-3527 and speak to our Client Services Department.

What do I do with my DEA discrepancy form?

When you are issued a discrepancy form, attach it to the original DEA Form 222 to keep in your records. There is nothing else that needs to be done.

I believe my controlled substances may have been lost in transit to PharmaLink. What do I do?

If a shipment is truly lost, the DEA requires the customer to complete a DEA 106 form (no obligation for PharmaLink to complete) to document the theft or loss of controlled substances. Contact PharmaLink for instructions if this occurs at (800) 257-3527.

Do I receive a DEA 41 form with my return paperwork from PharmaLink detailing my drugs and their disposition?

The DEA 41 form is used to document the witnessed destruction of scheduled drugs by DEA registrants. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction upon completion of disposal.

I have used some of the medication that is listed on the DEA 222 form I received from PharmaLink. May I ship partial amounts of controlled substances to PharmaLink?

Yes. Please make sure that you list the lesser amount you are shipping in the “packages shipped” column of the DEA 222 form.

Can I send overfilled bottles of controlled substances to PharmaLink?

No. The quantity must match the NDC or partial NDC quantity.

As a 340B facility, do I need to upload a price file in the inventory for my return?

Yes, All 340B accounts will need accurate price listings uploaded.

What determines credit amount?

PharmaLink does not control the amount you are credited. The credit issued is based on the manufacturer’s return policy.