PharmaLink Announces Acquisition of PharmaReturns

June 12, 2023


(LARGO, FL) PharmaLink, Inc., a leading pharmaceutical reverse distributor, announced today its acquisition of Cybornetic Systems, Inc. dba PharmaReturns, Inc. In addition to expanding its national account base with top tier clients, the purchase provides PharmaLink with an innovative technology platform for returns processing that adds Artificial Intelligence (AI) and new levels of customization to the reverse distribution process for pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Internet Managed Product Returns Solution (IMPRS) currently supports returns processing operations for over 400 Pharmaceutical manufacturers in the United States.

PharmaLink CEO & President, Thierry Beckers, was noted saying, “The leadership team at PharmaReturns has a long history of trailblazing innovation in our industry. With shared values of integrity, quality, customer focus, and innovation, this transaction was a natural fit that greatly benefits our business; and more importantly our customers.” The transaction will be complete in June while systems integration runs through year end 2023. The integration process will be carefully managed to ensure a smooth transition for both teams and prevent any disruption to ongoing client operations. Adam Bottie (Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Business Development) stated, “We are excited to expand our offering and capabilities to the pharmaceutical manufacturing community, the integration of Encore® and IMPRS is going to be a key element in our overall commitment to quality and a catalyst to ensure our competitive advantage in the space.”

As part of the acquisition, Cybornetic Systems, Inc., CyberCore Systems, Inc., PharmaReturns, Inc., and Return Product Solutions, Inc., as well as IMPRS and all other technology assets will become property of PharmaLink.

About PharmaLink
PharmaLink, Inc. is the nation’s premier Pharmaceutical Reverse Logistics and Disposal provider. With services spanning the complete spectrum of the pharmaceutical supply chain, the company has a 360- degree view of the needs of all businesses involved in the delivery of healthcare. From a reverse logistics perspective, the company delivers impactful solutions that trim cycle time while safely removing unwanted products from the marketplace. PharmaLink employs simple user interfaces that are backed by a powerful enterprise infrastructure, producing accurate processing and quality analytics that optimize business decisions and increase bottom line. This is all achieved while adhering to stringent regulatory guidelines at the state and federal level. With customizable solutions available for any size client, PharmaLink is the choice provider for pharmaceutical return and disposal solutions.

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