PharmaLink Announces Execution of Returns Processing Service Agreement with Merck

June 13, 2023


(LARGO, FL) PharmaLink, Inc., an Industry-leading pharmaceutical reverse distributor, announced today a new contract relationship with biopharmaceutical manufacturer Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC (Merck). The new Returns Processing Service Agreement is expected to enhance the returns process for downstream customers while maintaining the integrity of supply chain security.

In tandem with this new contract, Merck will issue an updated Product Return Policy complete with directions to acquire a returned goods authorization on PharmaLink‘s web portal and new policy parameters. Returns processing activities will be assumed by PharmaLink beginning June 20, 2023.

Thierry Beckers, President & CEO of PharmaLink noted, “We are excited to add Merck to our growing portfolio of top-tier biopharmaceutical clients. Sharing common values of integrity, innovation and customer focused makes for a collaborative partnership that will allow us to bring new value to our mutual customers.”

For details on the transition of services to PharmaLink, please visit:

For information on acquiring a return authorization for Merck product starting June 20, 2023, please contact PharmaLink customer service at (800) 257-3527 or visit

About PharmaLink
PharmaLink, Inc. is the nation’s premier Pharmaceutical Reverse Logistics and Disposal provider. With services spanning the complete spectrum of the pharmaceutical supply chain, the company has a 360- degree view of the needs of all businesses involved in the delivery of healthcare. From a reverse logistics perspective, the company delivers impactful solutions that trim cycle time while safely removing unwanted products from the marketplace. PharmaLink employs simple user interfaces that are backed by a powerful enterprise infrastructure, producing accurate processing and quality analytics that optimize business decisions and increase bottom line. This is all achieved while adhering to stringent regulatory guidelines at the state and federal level. With customizable solutions available for any size client, PharmaLink is the choice provider for pharmaceutical return and disposal solutions.

Contact Marketing at or call (800) 257-3527 for inquiries.

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