Coronavirus Update

July 30, 2020



As we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have experienced some of the most challenging and uncertain times in recent history. This crisis has required us to take bold actions to preserve the safety and welfare of our employees and customers. While our Administration Teams have continued to telecommute, our Operations Team and Sales & Service Territory Managers have continued to work diligently with customers while adhering to CDC, state and federal guidelines. We want to personally thank our customers for their continued dedication and support to communities during these challenging times. We understand that many people effected by COVID-19 have been relying on local pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare organizations for support and answers. As we have adjusted to the new normal of business and life, PharmaLink has continued to assist customers with their returns and disposal needs, while simultaneously growing our organization over the last few months.

Earlier this year, PharmaLink announced a series of facility expansion initiatives designed to accommodate increased demand for reverse distribution services and the changing dynamics of the industry. To date, we have expanded our warehouse, moving our creditable products to a new, dedicated 8,000 square foot high bay storage room and extended our processing area to double the size to 20,000 square feet. Currently, we are relocating our product disposal area into the newly added space, allowing for additional room for inbound shipments. We have also created a dedicated training center as part of our continuous process improvement and quality initiative. Furthermore, we have been busy finalizing plans to implement new automation equipment, such as pick-to-light put walls and automated baggers to speed up our sortation and packing of processed products. “The investments we are making in our operations are a strong reflection of PharmaLink‘s position in the marketplace and positive outlook for the future,” said Thierry Beckers, its President & COO. “I’m excited that our team and state of the art facilities are well-positioned to respond to the changing landscape of the healthcare supply chain and the increasing demand for our services and innovative technology.”

PharmaLink’s employee base has continued to grow, even during the midst of the pandemic. Our Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, Client Services and I.T. departments have added new team members to accommodate the exponential growth of our company. We recently underwent a reorganization in order to better service our clients and improve quality control by creating the Client Services Group and Office of Organizational Excellence.

The role of the Client Services Group is to provide value added services by delivering a quality customer-centric experience to our clients, which consist of our Customers, Business Partners, and National Accounts. The Office of Organizational Excellence supports PharmaLink’s strategic goals through quality planning, quality improvement, and quality control. Patricia Fitzgerald, who heads the new Office of Organizational Excellence, has overseen the Good Manufacturer Practices initiative at PharmaLink since 2019. Her charter is to continue the awareness and implementation of a cGxP process and drive Total Quality Management throughout our Organization. Supporting the newly formed Office of Organizational Excellence are the Technical Writing, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control Teams.

Though most of the tradeshows PharmaLink team members were expected to attend this year were postponed, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) Business Leadership Conference continued with a virtual meeting in July. HDA is the national organization representing primary pharmaceutical distributors — the vital link between the nation’s pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities, clinics and others nationwide. During this meeting, PharmaLink executives discussed pressing topics at the forefront of the pharmaceutical returns and recall industry, in addition to providing interested parties with our boutique-styled service options that streamline processes in the supply chain to ensure safety and efficiency for wholesalers and manufacturers.

PharmaLink is here to support you. For the last 20 years, we have built our reputation by providing top tier pharmaceutical return services to clients regardless of external circumstances. We want you to personally know that protecting the health and safety of local communities, as well as our ability to meet our clients’ business needs without disruption, remains our top priority. We are here to assist you with your returns and disposal needs. Our services will continue as normal and special accommodations can be made in order to complete your return with PharmaLink.

Please reach out to your local representative if you have any questions or call (800) 257-3527 for customer assistance.

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