VA Returns

Successfully working with some of the largest and most complex U.S. VA facilities to address their returns needs.

For over 22 years, PharmaLink continues to be a leading pharmaceutical returns provider offering nationwide service. We offer OIG and VHA Directive compliant on-site
and mail-in return services, according to specific VA Healthcare requirements, which are integrated into our proprietary software to simplify the returns process.

    • Instant determination of potentially creditable or non-creditable status for each medication
    • Same-day processing of cage and vault items
    • Inclusion of control inventory identifier code for all vault items
    • Easy credit reconciliation to your McKesson Connect account
    • Flexible processing options for both creditworthy-only products and/or full-service including disposal
    • Compliant with all federal, state, and local statutes and regulations
    • Dedicated onsite representative with a full USA based customer service team behind them

PharmaLink is a registered vendor with the VA to provide reverse distribution services locally (UEI: YKLYY6AFHJF4). We also receive medications on behalf of manufacturers through self-processing software requests. Currently, many VA’s have partnered with us nationwide to have direct service instead of third-party access. We are happy to provide a capability statement upon request for anyone looking for an alternative to the current software system.

PharmaLink is registered with the U.S. government to process expired pharmaceutical returns. PharmaLink’s established working history with the VA and familiarity of requirements helps to keep your facility compliant and reduces costly and time-consuming processing.

We are actively servicing the following facility types:

    • Hospitals/VAMCs
    • Clinics/OPCs
    • Nursing Homes
    • CMOP’s

Key Highlights

  • McKesson Connect credit reconciliation through our reporting platform
  • Multi-level reporting options from individual facilities to VISN level
  • Fees are based on needs of each individual facility
  • Simple reporting options for both direct and PPVcredit reconciliation.
  • We pay all return postage and 30 lbs. of free disposal per facility/ per service visit
  • Full access to our credit research team to maximize every return dollar with
    no time limit outside the industry standard 18-month cutoff
  • Services available nationwide

Create a Manufacturer Returns Account

If you are a government facility utilizing a third party returns processing software please use the following instructions to create a new account:

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Enter your email under the New User heading and click Start.
  3. Complete the User Information section.
  4. Enter your DEA Number and click Validate.
  5. Set the expiration date a year our from the current date.
  6. Note that for the State License, use 12345 as your license number.

Create a Pharmacy Returns Account

If you are interested in establishing a PharmaLink on-site or mail-in returns account, follow the steps below to be contacted by a PharmaLink representative to set up your account.

  1. Complete this form.
  2. You will receive your account information from a PharmaLinkrepresentative.
  3. Login to Encore.
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