VA Return Information

PharmaLink is a registered vendor with the VA for expired pharmaceutical returns. We provide onsite service as a labor saving alternative to self-processing software. PharmaLink has continuing success working with the VA and we plan to continue to help improve this costly and time consuming process for VA facilities. Our Capability Statement and PRSA are available upon request.

For those using a self-processing software

To create a new account:

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Enter your email under the New User heading and click Start.
  3. Complete the User Information section.
  4. Enter your DEA Number and click Validate.
  5. Set the expiration date a year our from the current date.
  6. Note that for the State License, use 12345 as your license number.

For those utilizing PharmaLink's reverse distribution services

To create a new account:

  1. Complete this form.
  2. You will receive your account information from a PharmaLink representative.
  3. Login to Encore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PharmaLink?

PharmaLink is one the nation’s leading Pharmaceutical Reverse Distributors with over 20 years of expertise in the industry.  PharmaLink’s systems can provide you with an unparalleled experience in returns that delivers lightning-fast credits, compliance, and reporting to help you better manage your business.

What is Encore?

Encore is PharmaLink’s web portal that allows you to access the returns process quickly and easily.  Go here to inventory your products, prepare return shipments, and run reports on “Your Inventory’s Final Performance.”

What can be found on Encore?

On Encore, you can find your account information, saved and completed inventories, and a variety of return and credit reports. You can use the Advance Report Builder to generate unique, custom reports for your facility.

What are non-saleable returns?

Non-Saleable returns include items from your inventory that are short-dated, expired, recalled, or in another condition that prohibits them from being dispensed.  Eligible items can be returned to the manufacturer for credit or properly destroyed through PharmaLink.

Why choose PharmaLink over self-processing software?

  • No contract required
  • On-site or Mail-In service nationwide
  • Proprietary software system that identifies creditable and non-creditable items to incorporate their third-party waste stream
  • One-time destruction-only for vault items onsite for a flat fee
  • Monthly credit report that matches line by line items in McKesson Connect
  • Pricing structure that requires no PO’s or payments until credit is received
  • Inventory of all medications including incorporation of the 5 digit vault medication destruction code