Manufacturer Reverse Logistics

The pharmaceutical supply chain can prove to be a challenging environment to navigate for even the most advanced manufacturers in healthcare.  With the ever changing regulatory environment and a growing demand for care, the need for an efficient reverse distribution process has never been more critical.

PharmaLink is the partner you can trust to present industry leading expertise and cutting-edge technology to efficiently and safely remove returned products from the marketplace.  With over 15 years of experience we can assist your

organization in identifying best practices in operations, logistics, data handling, and financial transactions related to the return process.  Our customizable platform can scale to meet the needs of any manufacturer return policy or recall program.

Contact us to learn more about the complete spectrum of services available to manufacturer class of trade.

We can manage all portions of the Reverse Logistics Process






Our Technology

Enterprise Class Systems   •   Virtualized Server System   •   Intelligent Network Security

Complete EDI Capability   •   Web-based Customer Interface


Our Facility

Highly Experienced Staff   •   VAWD Accredited & Fully Licensed   •   SOP Driven Processes

Truckload DEA Vault & Cage Storage   •   24/7 Video Surveillance   •   Process Automation  •  Biometric Access Control