Pat Carpenter

Director of Information Technology

Pat joined PharmaLink in 2006 as a Lead Network and Systems Engineer.  Prior to joining PharmaLink, he spent 7 years at Onicon, Inc. where he was responsible for development of enterprise applications, integration, process improvement, and maintenance of network hardware and software applications for over 200 users.  Pat started performing contract work for PharmaLink in 2003 developing distributed software applications to be used by independent pharmacies.  This was one of the first client-side returns processing applications to be used in the pharmacy setting.

Recognizing this innovative approach to technology and its potential in our industry, PharmaLink invited Mr. Carpenter to join the team permanently.  Since joining Pat and his team have been responsible for moving the company to its current technology platform, developing all of its custom software applications, and has greatly aided in operational process improvement. He was promoted to Director of Information Technology in 2014 where he is set to lead strategic company technology initiatives.  Mr. Carpenter is Six Sigma certified and holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology.

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