With specialized systems for all classes of trade, PharmaLink makes the returns process simple so that pharmacists, healthcare providers, and supply chain professionals can focus on delivering healthcare. Our returns services are comprised of best-in-class technology and industry leading compliance to provide you with the most comprehensive solution to pharmaceutical return goods processing.

Over 250,000 Returns Processed!


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Return Services

Product reclamation, reverse logistics, and total recall solutions to meet any manufacturer needs.

Return Services

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Rx Disposal

Environmentally friendly disposal solutions for the complete spectrum of Rx waste.

Our Capabilities Include

Complete outlet to handle expired, damaged, recalled, or otherwise unwanted products. 
Intelligent management of reverse logistics, recalls, and related financial transactions.
Complete returns
credit management.
Reporting, Analytics, and BI that assists in dynamic business decisions and forecasting. 
Clear audit trails for regulatory compliance at State and Federal level.
Environmentally Safe and Secure Disposal of Waste products.