Why Choose Us?

With strong values regarding corporate ethics and environmental preservation,
we entered the reverse logistics industry on a mission be to the “Ultimate” returns provider
with services available to facilities throughout the supply chain.

PharmaLink was founded in Clearwater, Florida in the year 2000. Our services range from returns & disposal at the local pharmacy or doctor’s office to complete reverse logistics solutions for major pharmaceutical manufacturers. All services are offered with one common goal in mind…excellence. Being the best does not necessarily mean being the biggest; in that, we focus our attention on the customer in providing the most detailed, accurate, and quality services known to the industry.

Our staff is the culmination of over 150 years of combined experience. Our Executive team comes from a strong background in healthcare and technology, which is a driving force in understanding the complexities of the pharmaceutical supply chain. These talents aid the development of innovation and pioneering changes in the reverse logistics industry, not to mention healthcare as a whole. The low turnover rate of employees in our organization is a testament to the success of the company; also it ensures that you will always be dealing with qualified professionals in all areas of our business. With a common passion for the advancement of the healthcare industry, our team works seamlessly together as an efficient and effective unit.

The regulatory requirements of a Reverse Distributor are vast and demanding. PharmaLink, Inc. prides itself on an outstanding compliance record and maintains excellent relationships with all regulatory agencies. Because of our excellence in service and upstanding reputation in the industry, many of these agencies refer business to us on a consistent basis.

Doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint and the impact of pharmaceuticals in the environment is a priority for PharmaLink. As such, PharmaLink utilizes Waste-2-Energy thermal incineration facilities to destroy millions of pounds of waste pharmaceuticals every year. The energy that is generated from this method of waste disposal powers hundreds of homes every year across the United States. Also, it is the cleanest and most efficient method of disposing waste pharmaceuticals.

In additional efforts to help sustain the environment, PharmaLink has assisted in several pharmaceutical take back programs, where patient waste has been destroyed. These programs keep unwanted prescription medications out of the environment and out of harm’s way.

As leaders in the industry, our management team works with various regulatory agencies and trade organizations in the development of policy at the state and federal level. PharmaLink is a proud member of the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) and serves on various committees including the HDMA Returns Task Force (RTF). Additionally, PharmaLink is an active member of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Pharmaceutical Waste Technical Advisory Group (PharmTAG).

Working with these organizations to share policies and develop best practices, we assist in making the industry safer, more efficient, and cost effective for all. These benefits translate ultimately to healthcare savings for the patient community as a whole.

In addition to industry related and corporate affiliations, PharmaLink encourages its employees to be involved with community and charity organizations such as Rotary International and Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE).