Am I losing money on my returns?

PharmaLink is the only Reverse Distributor that partners with its clients on credit recovery through its ACR Program. "ACR" stands for Actual Credits Received. Unlike other vendors that charge a fee based on an Estimated Return Value (ERV), PharmaLink bases their service fee on the Actual Credits Received from the manufacturers. In addition, our fee is only assessed when we receive the credits from each manufacturer. This provides our clients with complete transparency and a true partnership.

Customer receives credit value as credits are received

Service fees deducted when credit is issued and based on actual credits received

Complete transparency via credit reconciliation reports on EncoreĀ® web platform

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Stop Overpaying for Your Returns

ACR Program Example: 
ERV = $20,000
Actual Credits Received = $18,000
10% Service Fee = 

Client SAVED $200

ERV Program Example:
ERV = $20,000
10% Service Fee = 
Actual Credits Received = $18,000

Client OVERPAID $200

Wholesaler participation is required. Some exclusions may apply.

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