About Us

About PharmaLink

Founded in 2000, PharmaLink, Inc. is the nation’s premier Pharmaceutical Reverse Logistics and Disposal provider.  With services spanning the complete spectrum of the pharmaceutical supply chain, we have a 360 degree view of the needs of all businesses involved in the delivery of healthcare.  From a reverse logistics perspective, we deliver impactful solutions that trim cycle time while safely removing unwanted product from marketplace.  Our simple user interfaces are backed by a powerful enterprise infrastructure, producing accurate processing and quality analytics that optimize business decision and increase bottom line.  This is all achieved while adhering to stringent regulatory guidelines at the state and federal level.  With customizable solutions available for any size client, PharmaLink is the choice provider for pharmaceutical return and disposal solutions.


Thierry Beckers

President & CEO

Ray Bodamer

VP, Operations

Adam Bottie

VP, Corporate Strategy & Business Development

Pat Carpenter

Director of Information Technology

Susan McQueen

VP, Finance & Corporate Controller

Shannon Erickson

Director of Human Resources

Robert Faulconer

Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Andrew Chilkiewicz

Director of Marketing

Jim Shriner

Director of Sales